Health, Safety, & Sustainability

Silicones are among the most extensively studied materials in consumer and industrial uses today. More than 1,000 studies have been conducted to assess the safety of silicones for workers, consumers, the environment and manufacturing processes. The results of this continued research and testing demonstrate the safety of silicones in diverse and important applications when used properly.




Silicon-Chemistry Carbon Balance
An assessment of greenhouse gas emissions and reductions

Silicones and other silicon-based chemistry products play an important role in many industrial and consumer applications – from fuel-efficient engines to construction, solar-power cells and household detergents. Their unique properties help enhance performance, increase energy efficiency and conserve raw materials.
A recent study commissioned by the Global Silicones Council to assess the full life cycle of silicones, siloxanes and silanes found that the use of these products can help save, on average, nine times the amount of greenhouse gases required to manufacture them.
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Committed to the responsible use of silicones, the industry continues to evaluate the science behind the material through many rigorous research programs. Research methodologies include modeling, testing and monitoring.