• The Future Of Robotics Is Soft And Practically Indestructible

    15 September 2014 | RedOrbit
    A soft robot still in its rudimentary design can get up and walk freely has arrived. The robot is made of a material which contains a silicone elastomer, a composite of stiff rubber and polyaramid fabric. The material is tough, resistant to corrosion and able to work in a wide range of temperatures and environments.
  • 3D printed wrapping created

    20 August 2014 | Investors Business Daily

    A newly developed cushioning material uses a silicone-based ink which solidifies to create a rubber-like material that hardens when compressed.

  • Behold the Octopus-Inspired Adaptive Camouflage

    18 August 2014 | Popular Mechanics
    Researchers, inspired by squid and octopus have designed an electric camouflage to demonstrate “integrated electronics which achieve dynamic, adaptive pattern recognition and color camouflaging” Silicone was used for its unique properties of being flexible.
  • New Nickle-Haired Elastic Material Has Wide Applications

    07 August 2014 | The Engineer
    MIT engineers have developed a new elastic material coated with microhairs that tilt uniformly in response to a magnetic field.  Silicone was used as the base for its flexibility and transparency. Engineers envision the material to be used on car windows to remove rain or woven into fabrics to produce rain-resistant materials
  • Health Beat: Just like the real thing: A new ear

    01 August 2014 | WFMZ-TV
    With advances in silicone prosthetics one would never know that Henry Fiorentini lost his ear to cancer. The new silicone ear looks like his other ear and when it needs replaced in three to five years the 3-D printers and scanners can create an exact mirror image.
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