• The Skin Of A Building And Why It Matters

    30 July 2014 | NETNebraska
    Drafty homes and buildings utilize a lot of energy. One company, Tremco, was visited by the author at their test facility to see how the skin of a building (windows, glazing walls etc.) can be improved. Specifically tested was a silicone sheet to demonstrate how it can provide both a watertight seal and protect air from leaking out. If you stop air from leaking out you will reduce your overall energy use.
  • How That Pinkish Goo Called Silly Putty Came Out Of Its Shell

    17 July 2014 | NPR
    Crayola — the current owner of Silly Putty – tells the history on the creation of the pink goo from your childhood which you can bounce, pull pictures off of comics and pick up lint with.
  • The fingers and thumbs you'd never know are prosthetics

    16 July 2014 | Mail Online
    Two German designers create incredibly life-like silicone prosthetics that are tailored to each patient to fit their needs.
  • Artificial eyes, plastic skulls: 3-D printing the human body

    17 April 2014 | CNN
    3-D printing is growing especially in medical applications as it is both patient-friendly and cost-effective. For example, patients who need a new nose or ear would get a 3-D facial scan performed and then to closely replicate the original part by using starch powder and silicone a prosthetic would be created.  When the prosthetic needs replaced the patient already has it designed lowering the cost for replacement.
  • Boston Bombing Victim's Defiance One Year On

    15 April 2014 | SkyNews
    A survivor of the Boston bombing, Heather Abbott, lost her left leg. One year later you can see she did not, lose her spirit or her defiance. She wears a silicone prosthetic that was made in the UK.
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