• The Lipstick Queen's New Vintage-Inspired Collection

    15 July 2013 | BellaSugar
    Coveted lipstick brand, Lipstick Queen, utilizes a silicone elastomer in its Velvet Rope collection which allows for a highly pigmented color without a heavy finish- meaning full coverage in one swipe.
  • Peg leg duck puts his best foot forward

    29 June 2013 | NY Daily News
    Lame duck Buttercup, who was born with a shrivelled backward foot, can waddle again thanks to a prosthetic silicone leg created by a 3D printer.
  • UCA Epsom fashion student wins awards for silicone clothes

    07 June 2013 | Epsom Guardian
    Clothes moulded out of silicone brought an Epsom student success at Graduate Fashion Week (GFW) on Wednesday night. Hannah Williams, 22, from the University of Creative Arts (UCA) Epsom in the UK, clinched womenswear and fashion innovation awards at a cer
  • Study: Daily Sunscreen for 24% Fewer Wrinkles

    05 June 2013 | The Atlantic
    A four and a half year study to document sunscreen and the prevention of skin aging was conducted in Australia where 903 participants had silicone molds made of their hands at the beginning and end of the experiment to examine for signs of skin damage.
  • Sugru Sticks Around For All Your Quick Fixes

    20 May 2013 | Discovery News
    Sugru, a multi-purpose silicone rubber can repair or modify most anything from broken power cords to a car's leaky cooling system. It feels like a modelling clay which then begins to harden while still remaining flexible. In 24 hours the material self-cur
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