• How Bluetooth could save your life

    14 April 2013 | The Brain Bank
    Dissolvable medical devices have been created thanks to the innovation of tiny silicone membranes wrapped in silk which allows scientists to control their duration in the human body. This technology will allow for infection prevention and drug delivery to
  • How a 3D printer gave a man his face - and his life - back

    01 April 2013 | The Sidney Morning Herald
    Surgeons have employed cutting edge three-dimensional printing technology to create a prosthetic face using a silicone mask for Mr Moger, 60, in what is thought to be the first procedure of its kind in Britain.
  • Cyro, robotic surveillance jellyfish at Virginia Tech (VIDEO)

    29 March 2013 | Digital Journal
    Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a robotic jellyfish called Cyro, an autonomous marine robot with eight arms measuring nearly six feet and weighing 170 pounds. The robot is designed to mimic the movements of a jellyfish using an energy-efficien
  • Silicone chip handles a billion billion calculations

    26 March 2013 | Plastics & Rubber Weekly
    A new silicone-based material has been developed with excellent physical properties, including robustness and flexibility, making it ideal for the development of future ‘exascale’ computers, which are capable of performing a billion billion computations p
  • Better Nature: Technologies Inspired by the Natural World

    22 March 2013 | Discover Magazine
    At the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering researchers look to nature for their inspiration to create something entirely new. Materials such as silicones are used to take it to the next step so that researchers are able to simulate lungs,
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