• Innovative Industrial Cleaning

    21 March 2013 | CORDIS - Community Research and Development Information Service
    A range of anti-fouling 'tuned' films has been developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films (IST). Non-metallic elements such as silicone are added so that they can fine tune the coating in a targetted way.
  • Kitchen godfather

    14 March 2013 | Global Times
    Beijing-based British chef Brian McKenna has had three silicone mould cups made specifically for his most visually striking standout dishes.
  • BrainGate advances mind control sensor

    13 March 2013 | PlasticsToday
    A silicone sensor, the size of a baby aspirin with hundreds of electrodes that are thinner than hair, is the idea behind promising research which would take a person’s thoughts and translate that into an action such as rubbing their nose or moving a prost
  • Ditch disposable and go the reusable route in the kitchen

    03 March 2013 | South Bend Tribune
    Do your part and replace the trashy items in your kitchen with ones that you can reuse. Reusable silicone covers are a safe choice for microwaving foods; silicone cupcakes liners can replace paper towels and napkins, other items that cannot be recycled af
  • Insanely Rubbery Battery Stretches To 4 Times Its Length

    27 February 2013 | PopSci
    Translucent silicone rubber has been used to create a lithium-ion battery, about the size of a SD card, which can be stretched to four times its length and snap back into shape. This will allow for future flexible devices such as solar-energy generating c
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