• If the price is right

    11 February 2013 | Engineering and Technology Magazine
    In a drive to make solar energy more economical and competitive with other forms of non-renewable energy there is a push to reduce cost across the board from manufacturing costs to energy storage. It is critical that a high-cost solar installation have lo
  • Silicone household use ventures beyond the kitchen

    06 February 2013 | South China Morning Post
    Not just your kitchen spatula. Hong Kong based, Silicone Zone wants consumers to know that silicone is durable, fun, eco-conscious and unique. The material lends itself well to creating aesthetically pleasing products which are practical and innovative.
  • Get into your prime

    26 January 2013 | Friday Magazine
    Two makeup artists suggest using primers which have silicone as the best way to get a perfect make-up finish and are great for all skin types including sensitive.
  • Complex paint protects Australian waters from marine pests

    24 January 2013 | Science Network Western Australia
    In researching alternatives the Royal Australian Navy has tested an environmentally friendly foul-release system which incorporates silicones. This addition is used to create smooth surface so pesky molluscs and barnacles have a hard time attaching to shi
  • Jet ski accident man gets UK's first bionic limb with £47,000 life-like hand

    24 January 2013 | The Independent
    The Michelangelo bionic arm has increased comfort for an arm amputee in the UK due to its 100% silicone socket which allows for greater flexibility than other prosthetics.
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