• In the future, those with sleep apnea will be able to breather easier at night

    11 March 2016 | The Gadgeteer
    A new device, which is still in development, can fit into nostrils with silicone nose plugs and help those who suffer with sleep apnea by offering an alternative to a CPAP machine. The tiny device is designed for single use, and is recyclable.
  • Touch sensitive super strechy skin shows promise for soft robots

    03 March 2016 | Chemistry World
    Silicone has helped make a material that can emit light and sense touch, and additionally stretch almost five times its original length. Engineer Christoph Keplinger at the University of Colorado Boulder says that the invention is a ‘superior solution’ to that normally seen in soft robotics, namely the integration of rigid electronics into soft structures.
  • Say goodbye to plastic sandwich bags

    28 January 2016 | CNN Money
    Stasher sandwich bags designed by artist Kat Nouri are made entirely from silicone. These bags are reusable, microwaveable, can be frozen, and put through the dishwasher. Nouri’s goal is to “help consumers replace everyday plastic products with safer silicone-based alternatives.”
  • Self-adaptive material heals itself, stays tough

    11 January 2016 |
    Researchers at Rice University have created a material called SAC (self-adaptive composite) which has the ability to heal itself and also regain its original shape after being compressed. SAC is coated with a viscous polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), and the reserachers suggest “SAC may be a useful biocompatible material for tissue engineering.”
  • Dense Tangled Fur Keeps Seals Warm in Cold Water

    06 December 2015 | Gizmodo
    A soft silicone rubber material was used in research by an MIT graduate student to create a new water-repellent textile, which features properties similar to the skin of seals and otters. This research could extend beyond just new fabrics for wet suits- it may prove useful in other applications.
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