• Totally repellent: Quick and easy coating process makes surfaces omniphobic

    27 November 2015 |
    American researchers have created a totally repellent coating method using silicone, which can be done easily and simply.
  • A new way to monitor vital signs

    18 November 2015 | MIT News
    Using technology invented at MIT, doctors may one day be able to monitor patients’ vital signs by having them swallow an ingestible electronic device covered by silicone that measures heart rate and breathing rate from within the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Should your leftovers go in a glass or plastic container? It depends.

    01 November 2015 | The Washington Post
    What material should you use to store food? It’s a personal preference, and using silicone containers can be beneficial if you need them to collapse for storage, or if one desires containers that are microwave and/or oven safe. Containers with silicone gaskets and lids that snap are effective for keeping food fresh.
  • Creating Lifelike Prosthetics with 3D Printed Silicone

    19 October 2015 | 3D Print
    An Italian prosthetics maker is making strides in developing a process to create high-definition silicone prosthetics
  • Video: Cornell Researchers Create Artificial Foam Heart

    15 October 2015 | ScienceNewsline
    Watch this video to see how silicone was utilized by researchers to develop a new lightweight and stretchable material that holds its form when fluids are pumped throught it. Reseachers see potential use in prosthetics and artifical organs.
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