• Baxter Robot's Grip Is Soft Enough to Safely Grasp Eggs

    30 September 2015 | NBC News
    While robots are good at many things, picking up eggs and other fragile items isn't one of them — but a new soft robotic silicone hand developed by scientists at MIT could change that.
  • 3D-printed guide aids in complex nerve regeneration

    21 September 2015 | Gizmag
    Researchers have created the first-ever 3D printed silicone support structure to assist in the regrowth of the sensory and motor functions of complex nerves.
  • Thin Sensors on Our Skin or in Our Clothes May Warn Us of Environmental Hazards

    11 August 2015 | Smithsonian
    Personal environment monitors are the new frontier in wearable tech following the success of fitness trackers. Using a silicone material for its stretchy properties researchers have created environmental sensors which can be placed on skin or clothes to track exposure to hazardous gases and UV rays. Researchers see the possibilities for tracking environmental pollutants endless.
  • Researchers Produce an Ultra-Thin Silicone Rubber Similar to Bio-Tissues

    10 August 2015 | SciCasts
    A new ultra-soft dry silicone rubber has been created by a Harvard team that seeks to further develop materials used in biomedical research. The new material is perfect for applications such as medical implants and cosmetics.
  • Squishy Glassware Is Actually Made of Magical Crystal Clear Silicone

    30 July 2015 | Gizmodo
    You can toss, drop, squeeze or throw this crystal-clear glassware, called Shupua in Japan, without fear of it shattering. The glasses are made using flexible silicone which make it look both aesthetically pleasing and even better, non-breakable.
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