• Smart hotel? Japan opens a hotel run by robots

    18 July 2015 | The Christian Science Monitor
    Aiming to showcase efficiency and technological progress, Japanese hotel, Henn-na-Hotel staffs their front desk with metal and silicone robot employees. The robots will check you in and take your luggage up to your room.
  • Bendy Liquid Metal Coils Could Make Stretchable Loudspeakers

    16 July 2015 | LiveScience
    Stretchy acoustic speakers? Researchers have a developed a new coil which uses flexible silicone rubber to produce a deformable, liquid metal coil in the hopes that their research will lead to new kinds of medical devices such as wearable heart rate monitors and other implantable medical devices.
  • You Can Measure, Mix, Knead, and Bake Bread In this One Silicone Bowl

    01 July 2015 | Gizmodo
    A countertop space-saving bread making bowl has been designed and manufactured using soft and flexible silicone that allows you to roll it up into a drawer and when ready to use you can measure, mix, close and bake directly in the bowl.
  • Invisibility cloak built with common materials can hide macroscopic objects

    18 May 2015 | GizMag
    Researchers at the German Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have developed a small invisibility cloak to hide items such as keys or cell phones The cloak works by placing an object inside the small, long box that is coated with a special paint. The box bends light around it, meaning that the objects placed in it disappear from sight. A silicone material fixed with titanium dioxide nanoparticles is what is used to scatter light.
  • New technique allows for production of drug-delivering silicone microspheres

    08 May 2015 | GizMag
    A new technique to create silicone microspheres has been developed which could enable the next wave of high-tech medical imaging and targeted medicine. Silicone is the ideal material as it is biocompatible, waterproof, and chemically stable.
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