• Control your smartphone with stickers on your skin

    04 March 2015 | Popular Science
    Super-cool and still in the development phase meet iSkin, a wearable sticker which turns your arm into a smart phone control! The patches are made of layers of thin, flexible silicone and because it’s silicone it is breathable and can be worked into any shape to fit behind your ear even on the side of your finger.
  • The armband that can sense a FEVER: Self-powered device triggers an alarm when your body temperature goes above 37C

    22 February 2015 |
    Japanese engineers have developed a flexible silicone armband which can detect fevers when a person's body temperature either hits above the average of 37C or falls one degree below.
  • Non-stick coating keeps bacteria off medical implants

    13 February 2015 | RedOrbit
    A new non-stick material is under development from Harvard researchers which will inhibit bacteria from sticking to medical materials – meaning you don’t get sick from infection causing bacteria. Researchers infused solid silicone polymers with silicone oil creating a coating that that stops bacteria from attaching to it.
  • Paralyzed Rats Walk Again With Flexible Spinal Implant

    20 January 2015 | Scientific American
    Researchers have developed a stretchable silicone implant which is intertwined with bits of gold and when inserted on the nerve tissue can deliver medication to nerve cells, stimulating them to heal. This is a first step in helping paralyzed people in similar fashion
  • Silicon And Silicone Are Not The Same Thing

    12 January 2015 | Lifehacker.AU
    Thanks Lifehacker - we agree!
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