• Yoga mat stretches international interest

    06 January 2015 | Sunshine Coast Daily
    Yoga aficionados will appreciate a new specialized yoga mat made with silicone base and a microfiber surface that is soft, sanitary and durable.
  • This Fake Skin Allows Prosthetic Hands To Feel Heat, Humidity, And Pressure

    11 December 2014 | Medical Daily
    Prosthetics are being taken to the next level by researchers who have developed artificial skin. The “skin” is made out of a stretchy, transparent silicone material which can detect pressure, temperature and humidity making it appear quite real.
  • 3-D printing offers promise of custom stents with perfect fits

    01 December 2014 | The Boston Globe
    Revolutionary research. 3-D printed stents could prove to be an effective tool for patients suffering from airway issues as they can be customized to the patient and are faster and cheaper which will mean better care for the patient.
  • Geckos inspire scientists in US military-developed Spider-Man suit project

    19 November 2014 | The Guardian
    This is very cool. Researchers have created a hand-pad which mimics the sticky grip of the gecko. The ridged microscopic wedge is made out of a silicone material which which at this time adheres to smoothe surfaces such as glass.
  • New 'lab-on-a-chip' could revolutionize early diagnosis of cancer

    07 October 2014 |
    Researchers in their efforts to find early ways to detect cancer earlier, be less invasive and boost patient’s survival rates are using a new biomarker called “exosomes.” Dubbed “lab-on-a chip” the miniature biomedical test uses silicone rubber, and a technique called “on-chip immunoisolation” to detect exosomes. This requires less of a sample and has better sensitivity.
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