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In the kitchen and throughout the home, silicones are known for their versatility and convenience. Silicone kitchenware is durable, easy to clean, lightweight and stain-resistant. In the household, silicones are used as antifoams in detergents, which enable lower washing temperatures, thereby saving energy. Silicones spread easily and protect surfaces, making them an ideal component for polishes or cleaning agents for household surfaces. It also has great flexibility to go from freezer to oven without brittleness or degradation. Silicone rubber bake ware is designed for even heat distribution which means even baking. Also, the molds do not retain flavors or odors.

Silicone baby care products such as sippy cups, soothers, teething rings and baby bottle nipples hold up under the heat and steam of frequent sterilization, have good tensile strength and excellent tear strength, as well as the ability to remain soft and pliable over time.

Family using silicone molds, man doing laundry